HNY everyone, and to those who don’t understand the acronym it stands for “Happy new year”. “HNY” is the message which I sent out this year the reason behind it must be from any earlier task we were set in making acronyms



6 MINUTES washing dishes VS. 6 HOURS on the internet

i recently came across this video of a comedian who as part of their section of stand up made a surprising point about how she is constantly stuck in an internet trace of checking Facebook  you tube, g mail and twitter over and over again and how she breaks the trance to go and do the dishes, watch the video below from 4:44

so by breaking her cycle she found out that

“ive learnt more about myself and the universe in six minutes washing the dishes then i do six hours on the internet”

now in the day and age were in were constantly update out Facebook and twitter and in this case it was the same she then goes on to say she wanted to tweet what she discovered but then realized she didn’t have enough characters for her tweet so

this: “ive learnt more about myself and the universe in six minutes washing the dishes then i do six hours on the internet” became this “i like dishes”

its as if social networking sites are subliminally editing our thoughts as what we want to say is not technically they way in we we say it as there maybe too many restrictions its seems a sort of prison for the minds.

the language hunter, first light and now colour

In my previous re post of blog entry from Lin Wei “can lights be used as a mean of social gathering, communication?” she talked about how light can be used as a form of communication and now she has come up with another great idea of colors being used as a form of communication. If you think about it colors do represent different emotions, and combined with others in a space it can have a different effect on different people. Its amazing something as simple as a color can convey more then meets the eye. Below is an image of myself celebrating the Hindu festival of “holi” which is the festival of colors which consists of throwing colored powder at one another, in a ways its like a physical conversation while running throwing and dodging the colors.



“Facebook, Like & Hashtag” the new “Tom, Dick & Harry”


Going back to an earlier post where I viewed a video “social media revolution” the video had a strange fact about a baby in Egypt being named Facebook, I went and researched into other names which have been given to children based on social networking. there is a total of four babies with internet based names the first we already know as “Facebook” in egypt.


The second is also relating to the social networking site Facebook with a baby named like.baby1

The third baby was named after a internet search engine, google.


Last and by no means least the final baby was named after a tool in the the social networking site twitter and was named “Hastag”


To me its absolutely crazy that these four kids have been named “Facebook”, “Like”, “Google” and “Hashtag”, but to the parents I guess it must be the norm. The social networking world is taking the world by storm and is heavily used daily by millions of people and the names of the sites and the functions which they use are literally being embedded into our vocabulary. So to some people they might find the names a bit out there but to others it wold just be normal, its amazing that how much even naming a child has changed, what will be next? “checkin”, “at”, “post” who knows.

RED WHITE AND BLUE: pop punk politics place

Simon Periton – Argy-Bharji


Jon Smith – Target


The clash – Flag


Daniel Sturgis – Ocillate


can lights be used as a mean of social gathering, communication?

The above is an image of India during diwali.

Having celebrated Diwali every year I had not once thought of it as a form of communication, i really like Lin Wei take on the festival of light;

Lights substitute words, the beauty of it describes people’s intentions / feelings, and communicate something to the ones who see it. Therefore, I think it can be seen as a form of communication.”

Now thinking about light as a form of communication it has actually come along way technology wise where you can actually communicate via light on your phones. iPhone’s have a built in led light, which combined with an app you can use as a way to signal people using S.O.S.

The Panopticon

Panopticon: circular building with observation tower in the centre of an open space

Pan-optical: everything visible in one view

The panopticon was created by Jeremy Bentham, it was used as a prison design. the design increases the security as surveillance become easier as the guards would be in the centre tower looking out towards a 360degree view of all the cells in the prison.


When thinking about a pan-optical view, an all seeing view it reminds me of the show “big brother” where people are under constant surveillance via hundreds of cameras and micro phones throughout the house they live in. But it not only on the show in our day to day life we are constantly being filmed throughout CCTV in stores, cameras on roads, cameras are everywhere you begin to think about the lack of privacy u actually have in a city.

Here is a comical take on a news story I heard of recently where the government is thinking about putting cameras in school toilets.
CCTV in school toilets